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First time…

The first time I visited Bugasong was when I was 3 years old.

That time was my first time riding the airplane. I remember almost every summer, my Tito Pari would always ask me if I wanted to visit Bugasong. I would always say yes, because that would mean, a frequent visit at the beach, and non stop playing with my cousins.

Last month my grandmother passed away. And so last week I was already waiting for confirmation on whether I was going to visit for the burol, and when my uncle asked me if I wanted to go, I just said yes. And then he thought that we should bring Zach along.

At first I was reluctant on bringing Zach, but then I remembered that tito was the one who brought me to Bugasong so I booked us a ticket.

It was a lot of firsts for Zach, so I didn’t want to pass on the opportunity. And since tito was the one paying for the trip well…

I was not able to take a lot of pictures since, I was the one responsible for Zach but still.

“Bye-Bye! Ingat!”


Unfortunately Zach fell asleep before the plane took off. So he was asleep during the flight and woke up when we were about to go out the plane.

The next plan was to take Zach swimming on the beach. And since, most of the people at the house were busy, the only free time we had was Friday. So Friday morning, Zach and Tito Pari was already set to go to the beach when his friend called to say he was visiting that morning. So again, the visit to the beach got pushed to afternoon. And then afternoon came and when we told our uncle that we are going to the beach, he asked to stay a bit since it was still early. And so we waited, and a lot of people came and then we were busy once again.

And then… Free time! Most of them including my uncle couldn’t go so my cousins and I went with Zach…


Talk about saving the best for last.

Hopefully next time when we visit, it would be just an ordinary day, so we could go out around more…



Just like last year I planned to start blogging more this year. And I still didn’t know why I haven’t been able to blog last year, and left two of my blogsites hanging.

So I am back! (I think)

Starting the year with resolutions is overrated, and instead I thought of setting “Goals” for myself, and my family. I thought that this way it would be much easier to do than following a new year’s resolution.

So here is what is on my list so far:

  1. Get a copy of my (and Zach’s) Birth Certificate – Nanay lost the original copy, and all I have is the photocopy of my birth certificate.
  2. Have my passport renewed – and get a passport for Zach and Nancy.
  3. Read more – or atleast finish the books that we bought last year.
  4. Blog more.
  5. Save money.

Well, that would be it for now, I am pretty sure that a few would be added along the way.


So last month, a friend ask me if I can compose a graduation song for her daughter.

I “gladly” said yes, and she told me that the song was her daughter’s project given by their teacher. And the best song will be sang on their (of course!) graduation day!

Writing a song is not that easy, but what I loved about writing songs is that when you finished making one it’s big accomplishment. Well, I can’t really describe the feeling. But the feeling is just plain “AWESOME!”.

I asked my friend what was the theme of the song, and this is what she told me.

Ang mensahe ay: mag-aral ng mabuti para makatapos at matupad ang mga pangarap tulad ng magandang trabaho, makapaglakbay, atbp. tagalog?

The truth is I was hoping for a much easier approach with the song, that when she asked me to compose a graduation song, the first thing that came to my mind was Vitamin C’s song “Graduation (Friends Forever)”.

On the first week of the project, my friend asked if I can give her the lyrics of the song because the teacher wanted to check her (I’m guessing the teacher was a “she”) student’s work, and since I wasn’t really quite decided with the music of the song, I gave her the rough draft of the lyrics and told her that I was still working on the music.

Good thing the teacher, gave a thumbs up on the lyrics. And so I got working on the music. I took me another week for the music to be completed. I was quite satisfied with the outcome of the song, although I wasn’t prepared for the deadline, and so the recording of the song, wasn’t really that perfect. During the recording, I had problems with my guitar, my recording device, cables, that night was just plain C-R-A-Z-Y!

And so after two weeks I was done with the song! It was an incredible feat for me. Considering that I wasn’t really confident with my song writing.

Last night my friend tweeted me that our song got picked as their “graduation song”, and they already asked her the chords of the song. WOOOOT!!!

I wasn’t really expecting that our song will get picked. My number one goal when I started making the song was just to make a decent song (para maganda naman yung kalabasan nung project). Up until now I still can’t believe it, and I want to ask my friend non stop if it was true.

😀 *hungover*

Dalawampu’t Walo

“Ilang taon na nga ba ako ulit?”

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You shall return…

“I shall return” 

These are the famous words by General Douglas McArthur, when he escaped the Japanese when they invaded the Philippines.

No, I am not going to preach about the history of the Philippines. I’m just going to brag a bit 😀

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We should be taking the red pill

I was up until I think 1 am last night, and I started playing chess on my phone. I have recently installed some new java games, so I guess it helps that I have something to do while my mind is wide awake. And while playing on my phone I started thinking how technology evolved in just a blink of an eye.

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That felt like… Being robbed!

And so I got a text this morning from one of my bosses to go to their office and pick-up half of my paycheck.

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